DaleDale Stenberg

I owe everything to God’s mercy and grace. I’m married to the most precious rib ever formed, Rachel, and we have the privilege of parenting two children, Abigail who is 1, and little Dale just turned 8. I’m a member of Grace Bible Church (Brandon, FL) and a full time student at Whitfield Theological Seminary.  You can read some of my theological musings at Ten 4 Word.  It would be hard for me to express my love of books, good coffee beans ground, steeped and consumed, and a perfectly cooked steak. I see no point in wrist watches, self-help books or bloated bureaucracies. My mission in life is to preach Christ, destroy lies, and defend liberty. Bring a beer and cigar by any day of the week and we can talk turkey.

DrewDrew Mery

Like all true believers I’m an unworthy sinner saved by the sovereign grace of God.  My boast is only found in the cross of Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me and I to the world (Gal. 6:14).  I am privileged to be a member of Grace Bible Church (Brandon, FL) where the fellowship is sweet, the preaching is meat, and the food can’t be beat.  I have two precious children, Holden (3) and Annabeth (2), and I love and cherish every second with them.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Studies from Liberty University (hey, we can’t all be perfect), as well as some graduate coursework from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  You can read my biblical writings on my blog, Reformed Baptist Daily.  The Lord has also blessed me with multiple international mission trips – Lesotho (2007), Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, China (2009), and India (2013).  I currently work as a data analyst for an energy company, but my true passion is in web development.  Lastly, I enjoy spreading the Good News on the streets and helping people realize the foolishness of their ungodly worldview (that they may repent and believe and be saved!).  Oh, and I prefer my water filtered through coffee grounds; blackened, not creamed.

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