Evangelism & Apologetics Resources

On our recent podcast episode we briefly discussed that Drew has an apologetics page available on his blog, Reformed Baptist Daily.  We just wanted to bring that up again and encourage our followers to check it out.  Drew has some really useful articles available in response to Islam, Roman Catholicism, etc.  We truly believe that you’ll be edified and strengthened by them.

Also, Drew has another page on his blog called “Evangelism Corner”.  Go ahead and see what you can find there.  While Drew hasn’t been able to compile and post additional resources to his blog like he used to, due to increased work load and life in general, he does intend on continually adding more resources as he finds time to produce them.

We truly thank you all for your time and encouragement.  We exist to encourage and edify you, and by God’s grace we’ll continue to do so!

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Dale and Drew