No Other God: Examining the Doctrine of God in Mormonism

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Brought to you by Dale Stenberg and Drew Mery.

Dale and Drew continue their series on Mormonism.  In this episode they address the Mormon teaching that God was once a man like us and we ourselves can become gods.  This touches on the broad subject of the Law of Eternal Progression.  [As a correctional note, Joseph Smith’s life and “ministry” took place from the early to mid 1800’s.  Also, Drew accidentally said, “Joseph Smith did not start wrong” when he meant to say, “Joseph Smith did not start right”. ]

Episode Links

Letters To a Mormon Elder (by James White)

“100 Verses for Witnessing to Mormons” (by James White)

Jeff Durbin argues w/ Mormon couple outside of a temple (YouTube video)

Scripture References: No Other God and God’s Eternality

Ps. 90:2

Isa. 43:10

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