A Biblical-Theological Response to Leighton Flowers

Reformasium Podcast

“Lively Discussion from a Reformed Perspective.”

Brought to you by Dale Stenberg and Drew Mery.

Dale and Drew spend a whopping 2 hours reviewing a recent podcast episode of a dear brother in the Lord, Leighton Flowers.  The discussion focuses primarily on God’s decree and man’s responsibility.

Episode Links

“What If You’re Wrong?” (podcast episode by Leighton Flowers)

“My Conversation with Two Calvinists” (podcast episode by Leighton Flowers with Drew and Dale)

Systematic Theology (Louis Berkhof)

Going Beyond the Five Points (Rob Ventura)

“Rightly Understanding the Nature of Man & Effectual Calling: A Response to Leighton Flowers, Pt. 1” (by Drew Mery)