Authentic Apologetics: Pondering Presuppositions in a Wayward World

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“Lively Discussion from a Reformed Perspective.”

Brought to you by Dale Stenberg and Drew Mery.

In this episode Dale and Drew define the meaning and necessity of apologetics and discuss the distinctives of presuppositional apologetics in the context of our wayward world.

Episode Links

Covenantal Apologetics (by K. Scott Oliphint)

The Ultimate Proof of Creation (by Jason Lisle)

Common Grace and the Gospel (by Cornelius Van Til)

Audio: Conversation with an Atheist (YouTube) This is a conversation that Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church had with an atheist.  There is brief vulgar language in this recording, and Jeff does use the F-word once, which he justified in an Apologia Radio episode.  While we disagree with his use of the F-word (Eph. 5:4, 7), this conversation is a wonderful example of the apologetic approach that we discussed in this episode.  Listen to it closely after going through our episode.  And Jeff, we love you despite your potty mouth.