Introducing Reformasium: Two Guys, a Mic, and a Bible

Reformasium Podcast

“Lively discussion from a Reformed perspective.”

Brought to you by Dale Stenberg and Drew Mery

Episode Layout

I. Introducing the Hosts

II. Explanations & Definitions

III. Discussion of Future Episodes

IV. Conclusion

8 thoughts on “Introducing Reformasium: Two Guys, a Mic, and a Bible

  1. Drew, your Dad Loves you and I am very proud of you. Very good listening. Looking forward to the next one. Love ya.


  2. Really enjoyed listening! Will be praying for you both as you do this for God’s glory. Dale, you bring joy to my soul.


    1. Ha! Thanks brother. I don’t know if we can stand toe to toe with the guys at Reformed Forum, but we’ll do what we can, and we’ll do it for the edification of the Church and the glory of God.


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